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{December 16, 2009}   Kitchen Mishaps

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Sending out trays and trays of aromatic dishes from the kitchen is an art. And to get to that level of confidence  and comfortable cooking is a whole big story. And to rectify the mistakes you make in the kitchen and be able to present it as whatever it turned out to be and you can still smile..priceless 🙂

I’ve been there in the kitchen  couple of times..blinking, confused, wondering what to do and quickly thinking of how to cover up the disasters.

Since I grew up pampered  by mom and sis, I never bothered to learn cooking for a long time till I had to leave home to join University. I thought cooking was simple, stir fry, boil or bake. If only I knew how many technics are there in stir frying itself!

The first thing that comes to my mind about mishaps is when I made rava kesari(sheera) for my mom one day for her pooja. I assured her that I’d make it by the time she is home. I was in high school at that time and thought all  the sweets were made of  sugar syrup. I patiently made a sugar syrup, and poured all the rava into it. Two minutes later, I was not even able to pull out the ladle from the pan as it was stuck to the pan with fevicol strength 🙂 We had to soak the pan with all the contents in hot water to get rid of the gooey-rava.

There are a couple of other stories like that too, but apart from cooking disasters, for me, the major issue is the instructions given and the language it is given.

My husband speaks a bit of kerela-tamil as he is originally from palagad of kerela and I am from tamilnadu. This incident happened just a  week after we moved to the US after our wedding.

We were invited to a get together and like  nice daughter in law I made this list of dishes I could prepare to take it along. Hubby glanced at the list and said to me ,” Why dont you make Varatti, that would be nice”.

I was literally shocked and I was speechless. For a minute I didnt know what to do. In tamil, varatti is literally cow-dung used as a bio fuel. Or was he indicating that my cooking was like that?

I immediately demanded an explanation and he was laughing like anything. To him , varatti is chakka varatti a traditional sweet made in kerela, almost like a jam and made out of jack fruit. And he did not know what varatti was in tamil.

Now, if and only if I had packed what I thought it was to serve for dinner, that would have been my ultimate kitchen disaster.

I am sharing this incident for  Malar’s Kitchen Mishaps-Share, Laugh and Learn event.


Thats indeed a well=written post, dear. I really appreciate it. Same pinch…when I was in hostel, I tried to make rawa kesari (on electric stove), just like u, me too thought…any halwa can be made only after sugar syrup’…later, we threw that whole kadai.:(

And that ‘varatti’ is really hilarious. Having lived at several parts of Inida…linguistic misinterpretation stories are endless for me:)

Thanks Malar. I guess there could be lot of posts on how not to cook a dish than how to cook 🙂

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