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{November 25, 2009}   Lemon Rasam (Lemon Tomato Soup)

Eiya Sombu Rasam (Rasam in Lead Vessel)

We have moved to from December 2009.

Check our latest posts and recipes Here and the Eiya Sombu Rasam can be read here.


EC says:

My mom used to make rasam in this utensil earlier..No idea if she is using it now also..anyways the taste is always different when prepared in this vessel..thanks for participating

[…] but its all gooey and thick and not like a simple clear soup, when I look for a consistency of a  Rasam. I tried this version of tomato soup from the Cookbook I was reading last month. It turned out to […]

[…] the taste but couldnt pronounce it hence it became mulligatawny. Or may be it was a variety of Rasam (a soup like dish with pepper, tomatoes, lemon and lentils) as the ingredients are almost […]

[…] kathirikai curry/stuffed eggplants is the best combination for Rasam. I still remember that during summer holidays when all the kids gather at one house and tear the […]

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