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{November 13, 2009}   Basic Kitchen Tips

These are some of the tips my mom gave me when I had a family of my own. Mom used to tell me tips then and there when I was assisting her in the kitchen as a kid. I guess she knew how to address issues because every time I enter my kitchen, all her advices pop up. That helps a lot when you are on your own and cant call India every now and then to speak to amma.

* Clean the kitchen before you go to bed every night. It doe not have to be a total scrub of the floors, but it would only take a minute to wipe the counter tops and cook tops. If there are any jars/bottles on the counter top, place them back where belong. Apart from looking good, it makes life easy in the morning.

* When preparing any sweets for occasions, make sure that the counter top is clean and has been wiped well with a wet tissue.

* If you are using pressure cooker to cook rice, check it for any blocks before placing the whistle.

*For preparing home made yogurt, keep a separate vessel. This would make the milk to turn into yogurt soon.

* As soon as the food is served and the lunch/dinner is over, do not keep any used ladles dripping with gravies on top of the vessel. Clear the table as soon as possible.

* When making potato curry, do not pour the entire quantity of oil in the frying pan followed by boiled potatoes. That will only splutter oil all around the cook top. Add about 1 tsp of oil and when all the potatoes is in, add the remaining quantity of oil.

* When seasoning with mustard seeds, followed by urad dhal/Jeera, wait for the mustard seeds to finish cooking. Uncooked mustard seeds are known to cause digestive issues. Besides there is no point in serving food that tastes raw.

* While sauteing onions wait for the onions to turn golden brown before adding tomatoes and masala powders. A well cooked onion-tomato gravy makes the dish taste better than usual.

* Do not use same ladles for serving gravies with coconut and gravies without coconut. This would spoil both dishes.

* While serving a dish containing coconut based pastes, refrigerate the remaining gravy. Keeping the gravy in room temperature would spoil the dish sooner than expected.

* While preparing sweets which need sugar syrup, dissolve sugar in minimum amount of water and keep aside for 10 minutes while you arrange other ingredients. This way, the syrup can be made faster.


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